config-edit core

Open a config file in a text editor. Edits are imported into active configration after closing editor.

drush config-edit

  • Aliases

    config-edit has an alias:

    drush cedit
  • Arguments

    config-edit accepts an argument:

    config-name : The config object name, for example "".
  • Options

    config-edit accepts an option:

    --bg : Run editor in the background. Does not work with editors such as `vi` that run in the terminal. Supresses config-import at the end.
  • Examples

    Edit the image style configurations.

    drush config-edit

    Choose a config file to edit.

    drush config-edit

    Edit the second file in the choice list.

    drush config-edit --choice=2

    Return to shell prompt as soon as the editor window opens.

    drush --bg config-edit

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